icantseethepoint asked: IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR YOU EVERYWHERE ive seen youre art around loads so YUH youre so awesome!


HELLO WELCOME NICE TO MEET YOU and gosh thank you! You are awesome!

iamsuperpotterwholocked asked: I love seeing your new posts and I usually have to come to your blog in order to look at them, but today I saw your newest post on my dash (and I follow like 2000+ people) and I got super excited. Just seeing how much attention your artwork is getting makes me really happy cuz you really deserve it. Your work is really amazing and inspiring :)


Oh my gosh that is amazing!!! Thank you so much, my goodness :D

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Buzzcut boyfriends
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Hello random sketches it’s nice to see you

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Home Behind My Eyes

“It’s only an idiot that trusts implicitly.” Michael had given him a crooked smile, and then dropped it. “There’s more bad people in the world than good.”

theredheadedmarilyn asked: Are commissions open? If so, could I ask for something red vs blue related?

They are! Send me an email (  fullunadulteratedart@outlook.com ) and let me know the details :)

Michael straightens, and looks down at him for a moment, expression unreadable. Then he reaches out a hand and lightly traces the healing cuts on Gavin’s neck.

Chapter two

The Beginning & The Holes In My Head

He could remember people talking to him, calling him Prince, could remember the twisting stone corridors and rich tapestries, the smell of the dining hall with it’s long tables of exquisite exotic food…

iamsuperpotterwholocked asked: I love your art and I know a lot of people say that, but it's true. Your art is amazing

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You are amazing!